ARTIFICIAL ROCKWORK In order to create a completely natural appearance we can recreate almost any rock type by using moulds and colour samples taken from real rock. The exact textures and colours are then perfectly reproduced. This makes the rock appear totally realistic.
Artificial Rockwork Water Features Caves Climbing Walls Specialist Plaster Work Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Stone Face Plaster
WATER FEATURES Our expertise with water features is extensive; from small koi ponds to large waterfalls in casinos and shopping centres. We create water features ranging from wet walls, cascades, rapids and streams as wells as large waterfalls.
CAVES We have broad experience in the construction of caves for different applications. Kiddies caves for theme parks; wine cellars; zoo exhibits; simulated underground mines, rock climbing and bouldering caves. With all the caves we have built extensive research has been undertaken in order to ensure a realistic and convincing product.
CLIMBING WALLS Carved Rock / Shell Concrete Climbing Walls This is the most popular and versatile wall system available. The carved rock system compares like no other to natural rock. Carved rock feels and looks like real rock and can be textured, carved and painted to look like almost any natural feature. GRC Climbing Walls Created from moulds taken from natural rock features. The panels are cut and reproduced to give the most authentic finish possible. GRC is a lightweight concrete that is reinforced with glass fibre shards, applied into a mould with a specially designed mortar pump. GRC panels are manufactured at our factory in Johannesburg and installed on site. Grid System Climbing Wall A random grid is constructed on an existing wall in order to provide enough places to attach handholds and top anchors for a vertical climb. This system is particularly popular with schools and private individuals where finance is of primary concern. Modular Climbing Wall System This is a prefabricated timber wall that can be erected very quickly and inexpensively on either a timber or steel frame attached to an existing concrete or brick wall. The features can be either angular or rounded according to the clients needs. Climbing Grips / Climbing holds Wild Exposure’s ArtRox handholds come in many different colours, sizes and shapes. We use a special blend of polyurethane mixed with silica sand and fibres to make it the strongest and most durable. We have well over 300 different shapes. Colours can be specially ordered to suit your mood or climbing wall appearance. Climbing grips are divided into sizes micro’s; small; medium; large; extra-large and jumbo.
SPECIALIST PLASTER WORK Our team of artisans is able to create almost any concrete structure or shape imaginable from 3 dimensional arched windows to the largest wave loch system in the world. The wave loch pictured on the right was designed to comply with extremely strict specifications to create a perfectly shaped wave. This entire construction process was completed in less than 3 weeks.
ADDRESS Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa CONTACT Tel: +27 12 341 8554 I Fax: +27 12 341 4888 Mike Behr: +27 83 650 4688 (Gauteng) Ruan Schönefeld: +27 82 314 4185 Clyde Barnes (GRC factory): +27 82 784 1064 Email: wildx@wildexposure.co.za